February 05, 2014

Facebook post-mortem, from Facebook comments

Hey Mark Zuckerberg, maybe you should make it easier for relatives to have access to their fallen family members' FB accounts so they don't have to hope that their vids go viral to get your attention. People do die, you know.
My appeal to Facebook
We want to see my sons 1 min movie on fB
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  • Jeneane Dimino Sessum they collect every other kind of information - ought to be a couple of check boxes for "other(s) who may access" - or emergency contact or something. I mean the dentist asks for that. can't bookface?
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  • Rob Lawrence Good idea. Some people might opt for "delete all my shit immediately upon (official) notice of my death". Others might specify " give access to this person and NOT that person."
  • Jeneane Dimino Sessum [ ] Deactivate my acct and donate my images, videos, and posts to a the Internet Memorial (business model forthcoming)
    [ ] pay $___ to immortalize my profile on facebook - keep my FB page alive foreva: __ allow __ disallow comments
    [ ] Turn my private profile public 
    [ ] Turn my public profile private
    [ ] Send login information to my emergency contact at ______
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