May 08, 2003

disorder and chaos, it's no accident

I've been doing much thinking, talking, and now some writing this past month. And I have arrived at my chosen, at least for now, school of thought on trauma and recovery. I am of the school that believes it doesn't matter, except from a pharmacological perspective (which is only an aid along the way), the label you use. You can it label bi-polar, or borderline, or acute depression, or anxiety, PTSD, or complex trauma, DID, or MPD; you can choose from the eightyeight gazillion labels that insurance companies insist be selected from in the DSM IV.

You can do all of that and dance around a mayberry pole all you like, but it comes down to trauma, it comes down to chaos. Disorder results from chaos, and disorders result from trauma. Something happened to you, maybe even before you were able to speak (enter the silence part), and it was traumatizing. And reinforced as you grew.

Having said that, it is interesting to delve around in the disorders of personalities, the neuroses and psychoses of our age, because they are, if nothing else, flavors. Some are vanilla flavored and some are razor flavored. You see?

More later--I have to go wash the throw up off of me now.

we're getting better!

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