May 07, 2003

More Stormy Weather

Tornado warnings blowing the minds of our south-side neighbors, more to come through the night, thank you Alabama. Can you make it stop now?

Jenna's still hanging around 101.9 as she finally falls asleep, her head pounding, her telling me how she can hear the rhythm in her ears, boom boom, boom boom, boom boom. Her new booklight was just what I needed to check her throat, which looks great, amazingly, which is why the headache-fever combo is worrying me.

Just talked to the doctor who sounds more tired than I. He said yes, yes do this, do that, you're doing fine, a million things it could be. If she gets worse, the fever goes higher, bring her in during the night; if she's sleeping call in the morning. Try to get dose two of the antibiotics in. Try to make her drink.

I'm going to make a nest on the floor by her twin bed tonight, a comforter-on-carpet night for me, having not seen her quite this needy for me, one eye squints open and it's, "MAMA!"

I want my sweet pea to feel better. I would let you take a finger off my hand tonight if you could make her feel better.

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