December 11, 2003


I swear I thought my Czech grandmother made this recipe up until I searched it up on google just now and found proof that it's a Polish/Slovak standard.

We make it a little different. We cut a head or two of cabbage up into thin strips, then put a MESS (that's like almost a stick) of butter in a pan, and sautee the cabbage until it starts to brown and carmelize. This takes a while, and it's an art to get the gas just right so the cabbage gets soft before browning.

While the cabbage is cooking, we boil noodles (shells preferred, so the little soft pieces of cabbage can stick all inside of the shells). We skip the onion. We use lots of salt. When the noodles and cabbage are done, we mix them together and add more salt (and butter if needed, and when is it not?).

Calories: 339,004,005
Sodium: 449,440,000
Taste: Priceless


Morgan Stalick said...

My new in-laws are czech, and we make halushki all the time for family dinners. We do the exact same with the cabbage, but make our own 'halushki' dumplings. You finely grate (and I mean finely!)about 6 potatoes, add a couple of eggs, and just enough flour (Tablespoons) and butter to make a sticky dough. Sorry it's not more exact but there is no recipe, they've all learned by making it with the last generation. Use a spoon to scoop out a spoonful size dumpling and use another to scrape it off into a pot of boiling water. They don't take long, but occationally stir to make sure they aren't sticking together at the bottom of the pot. Adding a shot of oil to the boiling water will help them not stick together, too. When they float to the top, they're done. Fish them out and add to the cabbage like you described, add a little butter and salt, and wah-lah - HALUSHKI!

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