July 27, 2004


Spam Headline Poem from My Current Inbox
With Love


Why would you?

Immobility uranus
mennonite dynamite
fun for you both.

How is life, Ginseng?

You've been pre-approved
the deal of the century:
legal Tylenol 3 with Codeine,
Valium, popular software.

Regain your youth,
I'm waiting for your call.

except for me
our little secret

You should tr.y this new phar.m--
forget the doctor
stay hard longer.


Home invasion,
get cash out of your house.
Unidirectional grail,

The midwife
50 curses...
Was it you evil hamal?

All I wanted
is better now, chivalry lawsuit.
All I wanted
brought salmonberry
health, happiness, and fortune.

Long time no see, babe,
'bout time you emailed me back.