July 27, 2004

Dr. Bill K is Way Kool.

Dr. Bill Koslosky is one of those neat geeky docs I like so much, the ones who embrace technology with gusto because they understand it can make our lives better. I owe him some notice because he keeps me up to date with emails, and as I mentioned below, I have become really sinfully bad about dealing with email since I quit smoking. (okay since before that.)

First, then, you should be keeping up with Dr. Bill and his blogging here at wireless-doc, and here.

When I wrote recently about MSF (doctors without borders), Bill wrote and gave them kudos and me a thanks for mentioning them, then told me about the kind of things some other organizations are doing to help build communities, assist the ill, injured, and others in need around the world, especially using technology.

The sites he mentioned include: Bridges,  Voxiva, One World Health (a non-profit pharmaceutical company!?!), and DNDI (which is working with MSF). These sites are all worth reviewing, and their efforts supporting. Most have donation areas if you can and choose to de-pocket some cash.

These are important links for folks who want to help others, and to help others who are helping others, extending the reach of your resources across borders and oceans and cultures. Read about the ever worsening disaster in Sudan from those who are there. This ought to make you sick. It ought to make you cry. If you're anything like me, it ought to bring outrage. It ought to make you not give much of a shit about which bloggers are covering the DNC or what happened at the Dogone Blogon conference last week.

Recently Dr. Bill sent an email on stem cell research, an email I subsequently lost (I know--me and my emails...). The good news is, David has the info over here.

Thanks Dr. Bill for continuing to inform me and remind me of global needs and global accomplishments through caring people using technology and their own two hands to make a difference. Keep sending and I'll keep posting. 

Thanks especially for writing even when I don't write back.