September 24, 2004

Maximum Efficiency

Loft offices. I got dibs on the bottom!!!

"well, they're going to start doubling people up in offices."

"that sucks."

"yes, it does suck. but we all just have to make due for a while."

"a while being a year."

"more or less."

we're chattering around the table, discussing various office configurations, and trying to decide which would be the least onerous.

"i don't want to face someone all day long, man, that is weird."

"well, how about sitting there with your back to someone else all day? it's like you're pretending that there isn't someone right behind you. that's even more weird."

"okay, well, what if your back was to them, but they were facing you?! they'd be, like, staring at your back all day long. that has to be the creepiest."

murmurs of agreement begin to ripple around the table.