September 22, 2004

New Peeps

A funny thing happened to me on the way to

I first signed George up for the service a year or two ago, but I avoided signing up for it myself. You see, back in "the day" I was a blogroll purist. I had this crazy idea that we should all be pruning our blogrolls by hand, tending to them lovingly like tiny gardens of herbs and roses, with the care and kindness all living things deserve.

Kumbaya--was that was soooo 2002 or what? Yah, I know.

Nonetheless, while George clicked and updated his blogroll like a pro, I painstakingly added new voices, one a-href code at a time, feeling somehow cleansed by the extra effort I made.

I can be so annoying.

Anyway, a few months back, I finally caved into automation, re-engineered my critical blog processes, and signed up for Why fight progress? I've been clicking-and-adding bloggers to my blogroll ever since.

Or so I thought.

You see, when I signed George up, I used my ewriter email address so that I could verify and set up everything he needed. Well that'd be just dandy as long as I had remembered that.

But noooooo.

In fact, until yesterday, when I figured it out, I'd been signing in to MY account with GEORGE's username and password and adding people to HIS blogroll instead of mine!

Does that not beat all? Here I think I'm rolling with progress, and in fact I'm breaking shit.

I made up for the mistake yesterday and today by scouring the web for great blog voices that I want to read more of--folks whose aquaintances I'm happy to make. If you see a stranger listed over there on the right, go read them.

Let's all get neighborly now. Plant a flower. Kiss a bug.