September 24, 2004

Show me those baby browns

The single, solitary, and I mean ONLY, beauty of carpool in the morning (and I mean in the MORNING) is listening to Jenna yammer away about this and that in the back seat as I guzzle coffee off the dashboard.

This morning she was telling me about a baby rabbit her class saw outside this week.

"He was hopping around and he was so coool! We all decided that we are going to bring carrots in, tie them to a stick, and then he'll follow us back to our classroom so he can be our classroom pet!"

"Wow, baby, he sounds cute. You might want to leave him in the woods--he probably has family there."

"No, we didn't see any family. We want a classroom pet. And he's sooo cuuuuttte. He's baby brown--you know baby brown?"

"Baby brown?"

"Yes, like when babies first come out and they're brown and soft--baby brown. That's what color the bunny is, with teeny tiny white teardrops on by his tail. Ooooh I just want to pet his baby brown fur."

"Mmmmm. Me too. I sure would like to pet him with you."

Baby brown. She's so cool.