May 18, 2005

Alright, let's rip off a few posts here

I don't have a lot of time. Therapy beckons. Listen, I have this summer cold thing and It's got my dander up. Not really, I just thought "dander up" would be a good search phrase for finding this blog. But it does have me off my feed, which is a good thing, given my blood pressure of late, and so I gave in and started taking those blood pressure pills today.

I woke up and thought, well I haven't taken my blood pressure in two days and I'm feeling pretty good--been exercising finally, dropped a couple of the dozens of pounds I'm looking to shed, have been swimming every day, am tan finally. It ought to be back down to the 120/8o it was six weeks ago before my surgery, when I was in far worse health.


176/110--HOLY! I was waiting for the stroke to hit on the way to the sink to take my first BenecarHCT. [[yes, I checked it three times. Yes it was up that high all morning.]]

Well I took it. People let me know I'd likely be hitting the bathroom more since it's a diuretic. SP? no time to check spelling. But I haven't noticed much difference.

I took it about six hours ago.

Hold on, I'll go check my BP right now.

Everyone--on the count of three, make me relax. Ready? ONE-TWO-THREE!


GOOD JOB everyone. Happily boarderline this afternoon.