May 16, 2005

IBM Today Okayed Breathing. Set Guidlines for Air Suckers

For Immediate Release

ARMONK, NY -- May 16, 2005 -- As has been reported on a variety of blogs around the net, IBM today began encouraging all 320,000+ employees world wide to consider engaging actively in the practice of breathing.

This move follows several years of persistent grassroots efforts by an informal community of IBM employees who breathe. Aerobic leaders like Sam Ruby, Grady Booch, Robert Sutor, and anaerobic leaders like Ed Brill and Catherine Helzerman, have played a very significant role in this effort by providing excellent models for other IBMers to follow as they inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

"With IBMers breathing both inside and outside our environment, the company recognized full well that it was time to formalize its support for what many of us had been doing for quite some time," said IBM's James Snell, exhaling as he finshed his sentence.

Okay, I'm just having some fun.