May 21, 2005

Hamster Charity Work

You should know that nine baby hamsters have healthily made it to weening age. We are so proud. They are so sweet. I didn't want the little buggers, but, you know what? Damn. They are something else.

I went to PetSmart two days ago and spent $140 I don't have on two rather nice cages that are going to my friend's kids (along with two of the babies!), bedding (we were out), food (we were out), and five $7.99 mini cages. George set the little cages up, and I took two babies in their little mini-cages (each cage with food and water, plus a ziplock bag of extra food to get them started) to pick up Jenna on the last day of school.

I am a smart woman. The school nurse took one for her daughter, then a father took one for his graduating fifth-grade daughter (insisting I take $10 in return). Then the nurse called me later in the day and came by to pick up another baby for her daughter's friend.

So, we've got five babies out of the nest.

And there are four babies left, three of which are pictured below. As you'll see by the names next to each, it looks like we're keeping two. Head examination welcome.

Baby Runt Sweet Thang (Mama's)

Baby Brown Head (Jenna's)

Baby Black Eyes Sweetie (Yours)

Hamster pregnancy and pre-natal supplies: $65

Cages, bedding, food and accessories to give away to good homes: $140

Helping the babies grow from popcorn shrimp into beautiful creatures: Priceless