May 24, 2005

Onto More Important Matters; Hamster Eye

I can't solve the problems or disagreements of the blogosphere. "Detach with Love." "Stinkin Thinkin" -- HEY It PAYS to learn not to be co-dependent.

Now what really matters is that my little hamsters appear to be sick--some eye infecton or cold(??) working its way through the mama's cage (two babies left in there with her) AND the two gave to my friend. SO now I'm a bit worried. How good are your little hamsters' dispositions when you can hold it and wipe it's little pin-head eyeball with warm water and it just looks at you like it loves you because you hand it baby carrots every day.

{did i mention they make wonderful pets--worth the drive, parents on site, all that?}

Anyway, I first noticed it at my friend's house yesterday. She has two of them--she was like, look at their eyes, and I was all like, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABIES, BITCH! And then I remembered she's my friend and she took two of the little things, so she didn't DO anything to them.

Nonetheless, we're fighting hamster ebola over here or something.

I'm going to look online now--PetSmart told us saline wash over the phone, unless its tail-rot or wet-tail or something, which I don't understand because they don't have tails really, but if it's that we need antibiotics, at which point I say to myself, I hope dog antibiotics will work fine because $140 is pretty much all I've got for the money-sucking demons....I mean, little sweeties.

Veterinary advice welcome--homeopathic please.