September 19, 2005

Best Blogger in a Comedy Series....

Last night I was at a friend's watching the Emmys, and I'm not sure if it was before or after, but a commercial came on for an upcoming series where one of the characters said: "This is definitely going in my blog."

Back in 2001, I predicted a movie would feature a crazed blogger in the coming year.

Never happened.

Maybe because we have tamed it down a bit around here.

It would be funny for a monitor to sit in the background on a TV commedy series, and every now and then when the characters walked by or sat to talk or went to look up directions, there would be Doc's blog, or Halley's blog, or RageBoy's blog, Tony's blog, or Shelley's blog open on the screen.

Television sorts don't interact enough with technology in the daily lives of those they are portraying. Their lives no longer resemble mine. It might catch my attention AWAY from the net and back to TV if they got with the program.

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