September 19, 2005

Let's Get This Party Started -- Global PR Blog Week Begins!

Global PR Blog Week has begun!

First up, Elizabeth Albrycht. In her article on Blogging and Network Building, Liz says everything I was TRYING to say at the recent PRSA Panel I participated in, and more. I got to field the interesting question of--So where is the money in all of this, Jeneane? And I said what Elizabeth is saying here. I'm not sure folks understood it because they are looking for immediate ROI from blogging -- as though a weblog is an ecommerce site or store front -- and usually blogs aren't. But their worth is quantitative. Read Liz's article for more of a taste on how and why blogs work in business.
By focusing on network building, we move away from the hyperbole of BLOG and begin to think about how to use blogs pragmatically, as powerful communications tools. A prime reason blogs are such good tools for network building is that they are link-heavy, and the link is the core technology for making networks visible. I believe the visibility of a network contributes to its effectiveness because that very visibility reinforces its presence and influence to its members.

Yep yep yep!