September 22, 2005

Bush on a Bender?

I've seen bloggers wonder aloud. T has a good post outlining what tabloids are reporting--which seem to be the only mainstream rags touching the story, if it is one, and it might be. It wouldn't surprise me if it were true because the president's been a dry drunk for some time now.

To someone who's not an addict, having a shot of whiskey or a beer is having a drink.

To an alcoholic, it's a personality change in the making.


wooops--welcome to the mainstream, Mr. Lush--I MEAN, Bush. Let's serach optimize this one:
Bush and Booze
Will any member of the White House press corps risk scorn from McClellan -- and maybe even mockery from colleagues -- by asking the press secretary to set the record straight about what appears to be an utterly scurrilous report in the National Enquirer that Bush is hitting the booze again? Some brave soul should.

Uh huh--i guess they would be... or not.

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