September 11, 2005

Dark is Bad.

President's Radio Address
In his weekly radio address President Bush said, "Even in the deepest darkness, we can see the light of hope, and the light shows us the way forward. We will honor the memory of those we have lost; we will comfort the victims of Katrina; and we will make the Gulf Coast more vibrant than ever. In all that lies before us, may God watch over the United States of America."

What is all this darkness rhetoric the president's been using--as if he doesn't know he should shut the fuck up with dark and light what with the racial tension now reaching epidemic proportions. There were hundreds of thousands of Americans-Turned-Refugees who were trying to find the light to show them the way forward from the convention center, but you weren't there then mr. president so why the hell would anyone believe you're there ever?

As for making the Gulf Coast more vibrant than ever, that virbrancy and brightness is a lot easier now that the darkness will be in check and living elsewhere. Especially with that really cool law you passed where our property can be seized and used for commercial purposes if its economically adventageous to the area. What a COOL LAW THAT IS AND HOW TIMELY! I didn't know cowboys were psychics.

My god bless the United States of Haliburton.

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