September 11, 2005

I always wondered when Andrew Sullivan would let loose

He's been getting closer to understanding that the leaders of the party who would not welcome him if he were a cocktail party guest, or the partner of one of their children, are not for this country--not for all of us. Now his powerful prose is detailing how the administration is mishandling things -- using the biggest "c" word of all: criminal.

Go Andrew.
What does it tell you — that the last two Fema heads were college room-mates? And that the previous head was already down on the Gulf coast last week, advising “private clients” on helping with the recovery? You don’t think any of the $100 billion in aid might end up in the hands of a few well-connected businessmen, do you? Meanwhile, even conservative commentators had to concede that Brown was in way over his head. He’d even padded his CV. In normal times, this kind of cronyism is not exactly shocking. It happens all the time — in administrations Democrat and Republican. Bill Clinton was a master at it. But after 9/11, to place a complete hack in charge of response to a national emergency is criminal negligence.

Now if this fella would peel his eyeballs and stop spinning, he might do the right thing too.