September 12, 2005

I want to sit on Trent Lott's Porch too--do you?

I look forward, like President Bush, to hanging on Trent Lott's Porch when Mississippi rises again, after the corpses are stuffed in some non-descript places, out of the way, so Trent Lott's Porch has a really good view, not a view that includes skulls and femers and such. Because that would suck. And it would suck if people were still angry at FEMA when Trent Lott's Porch is finished, and maybe they all would show up on school buses and pull up in front of Trent Lott's New House. It would suck because, again, the view from Trent Lott's Porch would be unpleasant, what with lots of poor angry people lined up and hanging their heads out of the school bus windows.

I wonder if Trent Lott's Porch will have couches, or will it have those built-in wooden benches with a nice white stain on it? Will there be potted plants? I think I will buy a homecoming present for Trent Lott because I am looking forward to his new porch.

Porches are nice.

What do you think you might see from Trent Lott's Porch?

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