September 14, 2005

Other things sneak up on you

Like, reading this newsletter about a high school classmate of mine who is now President of our old high school, and glancing through the newsletter that my aunt sent me because I know Donna and I'd be glad she got the job, and then seeing my old classmate Vanessa's name in a little blue box on page 4, and saying in my head, 'Oh my gosh--VANESSA--I remember her, same last name, wow, wonder if she never married,' and only then realizing that her name is in the little blue box because she's the organizer of our 25-YEAR high school reunion!

Now as you know, that is not possible, because I right now am 25 years old, so how could I be out of high school for a quarter of a century. And Vanessa has no business surprising me like that with her name in a box, same name as she's always had, and then springing this November silver reunion thing on me when I've never even been back for a reunion, so I'm pretty sure it's my FIRST not TWENTY-FIFTH high school reunion.

I think I may need a bathroom break?