September 16, 2005

We have gone from 0 kids to 12 boys

Since Jenna was born, we've had the sad pleasure of living in a neighborhood where all the kids were grown and gone. Sad for her. Pleasurable for us cranky adults.

Then they built an elementary school at the end of our subdivision two years ago.

In the last six months 12 boys have moved into our neighborhood. Five at one house two doors down. Five at another house across the street and three doors down. One across the street (he's been there a while), and one at the end, who I think has an older sister.

12 boys between the ages of 2 and 10.

And Jenna.

One of the boys is in her class. His name is Kye. He follows her everywhere.

He is over today for the first time after school to play.

I heard him ask, "Should we go up to your bedroom and play?"

My daughter did good: "No Kye, my bedroom is out of balance."

Practice. Repeat. Practice. Repeat.

I think she meant out of bounds, but either way, it works for me.