September 11, 2005

What's Your Blog About

At the PRSA - Atlanta Press Club Panel I spoke on last week, one question from Scot Safon from CNN before the event began was: What's your blog about? Is it personal, work-related, what?

That this place has managed over all of these years to remain a hybrid of the highly-professional and highly-profane, of the proper and personal all at once, still amazes me. Every time I've tried to take my professional self or personal self elsewhere in the blogworld, they always end up back here.

Lately I've gotten pretty political. To colleagues or clients or readers who may disagree, or wish I'd write more poetry, or bring back the Pig, or want to hear about family or work--fear not. That stuff hasn't gone anywhere. It's just that I'm kind of busy trying to overthrow some madmen at the current moment.

I love you all. Thanks for the emails.

And Mr. J. Adams--I did get your v-mail. I didn't get the phone # off your message though, and now I can't find your email--so email me. I'll know more on Tuesday.

And Ron--I love it but I haven't gotten a chance to link to it, and honestly I was wanting a more, um, final ending if you get my drift...

And okay, I have to run.

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