October 26, 2005

I bet you wanna know about some stuff...


OH shut up, they're not even real. They're on a pretend human from that place that makes real dolls, or whatever they're called. Remember? Charlie in the bubble bath a week or so back?

So what's that do to you? Worse than a dead woman. A pretend woman. HA! And I'm the freak. Yeah. Okay.

Listen, you've been asking for content, and here I am all fudging around with my template, and there's just nothing I can do about that. There's only so much brainpower to go around, and I'm running three guns shy of a posse (I SAID POSSE), so you have to bare with me or go read DOOCE.

But I have help on the way this weekend and damn if I don't need it. More on that and a big fat thankyou link later.

Mean time, there is one cool little thing over on the right hand side there that Sir RageBoy has already asked to play with. And I said okay, and I hope that's okay with the people who invented the little doosie. It's the lil swicki over there with my words in it.

You know you want one.

You've been looking at it saying WTF is that?

You want one badenuf, send me an email.

I'll let you in.

How 'bout that for some content.

1 comment:

Frank said...

I saw this demoed and I gagged... I'd rather have the tough titties than a tag cloud that I could program to limit people's perspectives. really... I saw this as an egregious trespass on the goodness and light. We should talk on the phone or somethiong because I'm probably missing something but jeepers!

I mean I SUPPOSE that swickis don't kill people, only madmen with loaded firearms and a swicki kill people. And it looks like a cool enough search tool the way you set it up, but jeepers. In the wrong hands, I mean... JEEPERS!