October 24, 2005




I want one of these--they are free but I don't know how to ake them work in blogger.

someone must.


WHere can I find a blogger template that doesn't look like stupidville.

Google can wire a nation, and they can't give us new blogger templates for 300-something DAYS?

That ain't cool.

Come on man, folks are talking about how amateurish we are. Give us some templates that LOOK like the more powerful tools.

GOOGLE PAY SOME BLOG TEMPLATE DESIGNERS for their shit and put it up.

We're tired of looking like each other.



cfollymacher said...

I find most Typepad blogs have even less variety and look about the same. The rest (movable type, wordpress, etc) have even uglier default templates or are custom rolled.

You can do a fair bit to differentiate yourself just by monkeying with the banner graphic, J.

But it's all about the words and wording on the canvas here anyway. Who cares about the frame?

Christopher Locke said...

I known you've seen Mystic Bourgeoisie. That's built on a Blogger template. True, I threw most of it away, and hacked the crap out of the rest, but you know: you can make it look like anything you want. start another unpublicized blogspot blog and fuck widit until it looks the way you want it to. could tak a few years, but you won't be waiting on google. DIY, baby. dis iz da web.

Anonymous said...

To each blogging envirnonment its own philosophy. for thedailychannel com I put in just about ever single pixel myself. But for parch ( blogs.opml.org/parch ) I am content to go with the only "theme" available -- the photo across the top and then the rest of it looks like Dave Winer designed it. Which he did.

woops! Gotta go get dinner table ready....

Andrea James said...

Jeneane, you know you can always pick my brain for techy templatey things. I will gladly help & work is slow right now.

Jessica said...

This line, "We're tired of looking like each other" cracks me up!

For a long time, I was proud that we had the same template, Jeneane - but you are right, it is time to move on.

misterorange said...

I'm tired of my layout too. It's sad that Blogger has kept us jailed with the same 12 templates for almost a year now :(

cfollymacher said...

mo, i think there's around 30 standard templates from which to choose.

[say, where's Blogger's version of anil dash? don't they need some sort of roving umbudsman, too?]

if you want more, there's lotsa free blogger templates around.

cfollymacher said...

hm. then again, there is now free wordpress hosting, with hunerds of templates to fuckwit.

your move, Blogger.

Jeneane Sessum said...

i been to that blogger-template one meme--used onea those earlier this week but the font was just not right and it made me nervous to use the same one as steve rubel, because i'm rubelious.


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