October 27, 2005

I'm a Top 5 Peurto Rican Blogger!?


I'd like to thank the academy, all the little people, the sun that tanned me, and my Chevy van. Really.


mcdtracy said...

Yo... typo on Peurto.
I know you don't want to offend...
just "stimulate".

PR as a business needs a good PR
agency to clean up it's image...
a re-branding of it's domain.

But congratulations are in order...
they were able to get past some of your clutter and realize that not only can you write but you will write for

What will PR be called when there is no Press to Relate to... (can you fix that sentence in line with NY Times guidelines?)

I love what you've done with the place. The Swiki is an interesting

Jeneane Sessum said...

Puerto! ?