December 13, 2005

And from Sir Shakespierce (I knighted him today), A Word About Kwanza...

If you have questions about your faith or your Koofi, please consult Sir Shakespierce, who again crafts a classic:
worst thing you could do to a racist is go to his church, stand next to his daughter, sing the songs better, know the word better, and exclusively talk about america as if its your home and has been for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years longer than him.

watch him smile when you talk about africa, cuz thats where he wants you.

keep your koofi.

pass the turkey.

read the bible.

f old santa

and the kwanza

and the reign deer

and the pooh bear.

and the sleigh bells

and the dead trees.

get on your knees

thank the savior

wrap your presents

say your dumb prayers.

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Jessica said...

Jeneane...this is great - thanks for sharing!