December 11, 2005

How Does Frank Blog?

Oh wait, it's going to be all about how WE blog. Stay tuned to Frank's place for an upcoming post entitled, How Do You Blog?

I contributed, but will I make the cut? Only Frank's hairdresser knows for sure...

Meg at Mandarin brought the question to life with this cool grafik.

She also gives a hint at how I answered the question--GREAT MINDS, BABY!


Frank said...

Jeneane blogs


and a bunch of other adverbs too, of course.

meg@mandarin said...

Just noticed this and my ears were not even burning...I get it now and like the way fp is going slow with the responses for those of us who are a little slow.

Jeneane Sessum said...

you rock my world.

DeanLand said...

Due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome..... I now only blog with my left hand. Slows down the typing, that's for sure. And spellcheck is now my new best friend.

Wearing a thumb/wrist/forearm brace adds a whloe new dimension to blogging. And using the mouse with my left hand is like living on the Bizzaro Planet.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln & I loved the play.