December 17, 2005

i don't keep track of who's saying stupid things anymore

Used to be I'd get something in my craw based on what someone else wrote and I'd jump right to my task of showing them how many 52 flavors of wrong they were.

I'm older now.

The difference is I can't remember who says what anymore.

But recently I read some big so-and-so talking about how lame Skype is because it can't scale to support the enterprise.

Well clue you in mr. i forget who you are, THAT'S THE POINT. It's all about what Doc said recently and I can't find that either, but he was talking about how consumers are mislabeled as such and what if the tools and bandwidth exist to make every consumer ALSO a producer, which is not only the promise of the Net, but the way I've been living from the same king size bed for a few years now, and suddenly we many of us are becoming -- in our uninstalled-from-corporate-enterprises mode -- as much producers as consumers in our SOHOs and THAT's where Skype matters to me, because I'm talking globally to Really Smart People for free and we've already swapped some strategies and documents and just wait for what else.

Call me sometime. We'll talk.

In the meantime, Mr. Skype Hater, whoever you were that I can't remember, you don't even get it. And I don't know what So-Big-Enterprise you're working for, but just for the record, Skype works fine in MY enterprise, as long as I turn Cops down while I'm cranking out my deliverables.



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