December 17, 2005

our babies their babies

Lots of folks weren't around when Gary, Michael, and Tom did a brave thing and chronicled the birth and growth of their babies on blogsprogs. It's the time of the year when the little darlings are celebrating their birthdays. I wish my blog brothers would update their shared-dad-space, maybe use a certain photo sharing service to narrate some photo essays so we can see and hear how the not-so-babyish babies have blossomed.

And a wishlist or three over there wouldn't hurt either, eh fellas? What say you guys bring that joint back to life?

In the mean time, happy birthday season Cameron, Ruairi, and Sawyer.

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michaelo said...


You're right, Jeneane - I've added a more up-to-date photo of Ruairi to the blogsprogs page, but really need to gather together some shots from the last 3 years and get them BS'ed up there. Have to do that when I'm back home (still in Vancovuer now) - all the photos are on the other machine.

I like the wishlist idea too - but I can guess what Ruairi would want. Here's a clue in this recent breakfast table dialogue:

Ruairi: Orange juice is oranges.
Me: That's right sweet boy, orange juice is made from oranges - do you know what apple juice is made from?
Ruairi: Apples?
Me: Very good! So what about cranberry juice - do you know what cranberry juice comes from?
Ruairi: (thinks very hard) Um... chocolate?