December 17, 2005

Psssssst... or should I say pttttthhhht....

If you haven't used BubbleShare yet, what are you waiting for? No reg. No woopsy doopsy. Just upload, send, and blogit if you want to (and i want you to). [[Hey, check out the voice on the sample BubbleShare homepage album this week... who could that be? Is it she who lisps? Little miss lispy lisp? mith thethum? You got it.

Okay, for real? I don't lisp. At least not like I do on a headset mic. What am I doing wrong. Do I need one of those "puh" "puh" sound sheild thingys the professionals use? Or perhaps I just need to get my TEETH OUT OF THE WAY.]]

thee ya later.

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