December 12, 2005

Two non-mentions by MSM that piss me off.

The mainstream press continues to rewrite our history with two non-mentions of important contributors to big deals today.

First, Adam Curry gets Dave Winer's RSS software credit in Business Week. Now Dave and I have had our moments, hours, days, years, etc., but what kind of nutjob wouldn't give Dave the nod over Adam on the tech side of podcasting? That's just bad reporting and I'd have to think some kind of bias.

Second Blogads and Henry Copeland are omitted from the NYT article on MSNBC's big blogad buy (that thingy you see on the sidebar; thanks Henry!). It's easy to forget now that advertising on blogs is a legit advertising strategy for BigBiz, and a sweet spot for BigBloggers looking to gang up, that Henry was there when it wasn't. And he takes care of the little guys too. Don't forget that.

So rewrite your versions of these stories at home with me, kay kids?


mcdtracy said...


Why does everyone think it is about credit. Dave had the opporuntity to be Adam business partner and he didn't get the job due to his ego. I think Adam Curry can make a reasonable claim to some "credit" as well but Business Week is honoring Adam for his business acumen and vision:

PodShow Inc. (over 30 emplyees and growing including "Mr. iPodder/Juice" Andrew Grumet)

and the deals he did with:

Apple: iTunes support for PodCasts

Earthlink: sponsoring PodShow creators like Dawn and Drew, P.W. Fenton, Adam himself, C.C. Chapman, Michael Butler.

Sirius Satelite Radio: for which Adam records 4 hours of content per day to get the Podcasting message out to a wider audience

and close to 300 hours of podcast content in one year compared to dave's output of maybe 20. Have you heard Dave's shows? There's is NO comparison. No one will pay Dave to ramble and rant. But that's OK... he can't be bought anyway. He's wealthy and on a mission: To secure his legacy of "credit".

Dave Winer's role was more of a deterent to growth in the end than an aid w.r.t podcasting as a business.

You may not like Adam Curry but you've more likely to get paid for podcasting through his vision and efforts than you ever will through Dave's. Dave has his financial independence and he hates the start-ups like PodShow, Odeo (Evan Williams) and others trying build business models on his RSS capabilities... same as it ever was. It all needs to be free and yet honor Dave. A sad pattern of disorder.

I hope you'll do a little research and see who's giving creative talent jobs and contracts to create... It ain't Uncle Fluffy and it won't be anytime soon. He's done with business. It' all about "credit". Who cares about credit when you have bills and limited income. Would you like to quit that day gig and create using blogging and podcasting as a medium. Hundreds are starting to do just that.

Let history take care of the "credit" Dave wants. His legacy IS secure. His ego is not.

Jeneane Sessum said...

I'm not saying that Adam, rewriter of Wikipedia, Doesn't Deserve Credit. I'm saying that in this writeup, BusinessWeek specifically gave credit for the TECHNOLOGY part of podcasting (not the personality, meme, cast part of podcasting) to Adam and omitted any mention of Winer. I think any article on the business & tech side that doesn't mention Winer is either biased or they didn't do their homework.

And you know, Dave doesn't consider me his best friend. I'm saying this because it's smells funny, not to win a popularity contest with either dave or adam.

In 165 words, there's certainly room for two they forgot, those two being dave winer.

mcdtracy said...


Adam and dave are going through a business divorce... they got engaged but called it off at the wedding rehearsal.

Now, Dave wants 50% of Adam's business.
It's some really ugly shit. Adam, at this point, can't even mention Dave Winer because dave's threatening legal actions... dave called Kleiner-perkins when they announced a round of VC funding ($8.5M) and told them that they should hold back the funding until Adam settled with him and Dave implied that KP could just settle directly with him.

So, don't be too harsh on Adam. His Wikipedia editing exercise didn't delete anything about dave's contributions. Adam's been a cool as he can be under the fire that Dave Winer is throwing down... It's a nasty divorce but the marriage was never consumated... dave needs to lick his wounded ego and move on. Adam needs to pray a lot.

Hell hath no fury like a wounded Winer. It's OK that you sympathize but check in deeper.

Jeneane Sessum said...

don't be passive aggressive--> "It's OK that you sympathize" - did i use the word sympathize? Don't think so. I used the word smells.

mcd said...

"Don't be passive aggressive"... OK, I'll be smart stupid instead :^)

It doesn't really smell if you've been following the build up. I listened to 30 hours of podcasts a week and Winer is replaying the "I taught everyone to do this and they think it was all about [fill in the star of the moment... Mena, Evan, you].

So, don't fault BusinessWeek for covering business well. Curry is just one of 20 some odd award winners and he didn't game the award. He just traveled from the UK to the US 20 someodd times and had several hundred meetings and got $8.5M in VC funding... all of which is going to hiring staff and leasing offices and buying servers.

I'm done here. I'm not attacking you... I'm your biggest fan. I just want to give you some information you might not have because you've been taking care of YOUR business and haven't been following the Winer Circus of Rage and firgured out that Dave is anything but a victim. He's rallying a posse to bring down Adam Curry for rejecting him.

Adam was told by the money guys that they wouldn't back a business with Dave involved. What else could he do? He still has a tennage kid and a wife to support. Just give up because no one wants to fund a Winer run business?

Dave of course feels betrayed and has called Adam a dickhead and worse.

I'll stop now. I argued just as fiercely when Winer went after you, Shelley and Halley... I need to help people see this guy's crap for what it is... when it harms a business that 30 people are betting their mortage on and putting in 60 hours a week to make it happen and Dave just keeps taking shots... with his army of followers soothing his injuries. Someone needs to just keep pushing for some truth and balance in the bullshit.

FYI: I'm finally blogging at: and my blogroll only has three writers listed.
Check it out. I won't link to anyone that I dont respect.

Thanks for the passive-aggressive heads up... my wife mentions that all the time. I just like to win apparently and loose perspective in my writing sometimes. I'm nnot attacking you or re-interp[reting your words. I thought you we're sympathetic to Dave Winer... Maybe I don't know what you're trying to say. Trust me... Adam could use a little support for what he's trying to do. He's such an easy target for someone like Winer... he calls him a DJ, a pretty boy and many line up to watch the beating and say nothing. It's sickening and not fair.

Jeneane Sessum said...


mcd said...

Yup... and Memer's teaching me the ropes in the comments. Visit soon... my ol' lady's on to me already and does NOT appreciate the competition.

Is blogging a betrayal? Only if you get caught.

memer said...

Ok, while our pal McD goes to towel off, I just wanna say real quick that I'm really only teaching him how not to blog. Learn by avoiding, that's my motto.

Shelley said...

The article didn't say he invented podcasting; it said he released software in 2004 that helped popularize podcasting.

Which he did: iPodder.

Dave Winer deliberately misdirected this because he's using weblogging to beat Curry about the head. Curry has his faults, but in this case, this wasn't one of them.

Jeneane Sessum said...

My only contention - and believe me, sticking up for Dave Winer isn't a hobby of mine - is that this was BUSINESS WEEK, not a blog opinion piece. I think MSM's job is still to pretend to be unbiased, which would warrant a mention of both.

mcd said...

Now... see. This feels like a conversation. Shelley, Memer, Jeneane,
and me shooting the shit about BusinessWeek.

I'm all tingly like.

When Adam accepts this Award he will probably mention Dave Winer and a lot of others... notably Ron Bloom who IS his business partner and is an amazing guitar player. But the award winners are of such a high ranking in the industry that there won't be a ceremony... Steve Jobs, etc.