February 27, 2006

Friend, Take that Money and Put it Where Your Heart Is

I don't care what else you do today, but go read falling down is a gift by Moreena. Thanks Jessica for alerting me to this family with seriously ill Annika whose health insurance premium has hit the cap.

I'd like to see today be a day where we STOP wining about fame and RSS and Pods and Wikipedia and OPML, and instead go change someone's life.

"Annika keeps asking what has happened to the leaves on the trees. Her sense of time, at 5 years old, is not that well developed, but I'm getting the feeling that she understands she lost a considerable chunk of her life to unconsciousness in the PICU. I'm trying to remember if the trees actually did still have their leaves at home when we left home after her bleed mid-November. I'm thinking that, yes, at least some of them still did, in all their autumn glory. How strange this must have been for her, going to sleep months ago with a strong body and lots of regular-kid energy and then waking up on all sorts of perception-of-reality-altering drugs with a gaping hole in your tummy. And then, when the drugs are finally done and your tummy finally closed back up and you're allowed out of bed, to discover that the body you've always known has been replaced with one incapable of even carrying you over to the toilet on your own.

And, all the trees were bare."

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Jessica said...

THANK YOU, Jeneane - seriously.

Jeneane Sessum said...

i had no idea.