March 04, 2006

Could you be a bot?

why do so many women's marketing blogs read like they're written by bots? I could definitely program the "post populator" for a women's marketing blog bot. It would start and end with stating the obvious. ("It's rough for women in the boardroom out there today, so here are some tips to get your biz blogging toolbox stacked and stocked so you can nail that next meeting.")

Why am I picking on women's marketing blogs? Because I don't see the same trend of peppy-go-go-nice-substance-light puffery in many of the male-written marketing blogs. I see debate, disagreement, and intelligent challenge. And I see a lot of between-men linking.

Are we still playing nice and playing it safe? Why do I sense a replication of the worst of office politics?

I'd rather read a conversation that breaks new thought ground with hard-fought opinion than zzzzz through another post that puffs up your google rankings, my female cohorts.

With a lot of the women-written marketing blogs its all cheers, good hair, new age success talk, rah rah, white wine -- it's like martha stewart on splenda. All the sugar none of the risk.

I don't get it. I want' you to risk something. Please. Do something NEW with your next post.

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