February 26, 2006

master of his domain OR are you shaking yet?

From the land of RSS, OMPL, and WTF?

Hey I just linked to Amazon, I've been doing that lately, just a little, as I've relaxed a bit about patents. I've come to appreciate that this isn't a very kind world to creative people, lots of nasty people try to take anything that isn't locked up and nailed down. When patents are used to protect creativity, I guess they have a place. Not happy about that. I still don't support, in any way, the predatory way Amazon has used patents to take ideas out of the commons for themselves. It's the same way I feel about companies hijacking open formats, trying to take control of other people's creativity, without even offering to pay for it. Geez talk about greed. That's why it's cool that Dave Sifry respected my request to get out of the awkward place he found himself. There are other companies that haven't yet responded, and I'm not going to pull any punches if they don't get out the place they don't belong. No one is the Boss Man of the stuff I gave away.

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