March 01, 2006

More Loss--Unfathomable

Dear Elana.

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Mjk said...

Dear Jeneane,
I don't know the Steinbergs - I don't even know you. But I have to say something in response to your post/link to Daniel's stories about his wonderful girls and his terrible, grievous loss. He has managed to find words, and string them together so beautifully in a moment that I'm sure would render me mute, frozen in a private hell of grief. I should send him my condolences separately, but I also wanted to thank you for this respectful mention of his family's loss.

Jeneane Sessum said...

I cannot fathom the pain, nor the grace with which he writes about hope and loss. When I get close to the place where I can tough the deepeness of that feeling, I run as fast as I can. Oh my. One of the most profound things I have ever read, online or off. A father losing a special sweet daughter. I had the reverse loss when I was Elana's age. I lost my special, sweet father. Now that I am a mom, I can't grasp how horrible their pain must be. And how inspiring their hope.