March 03, 2006

Pitch Masters--Live Blogging from the Local Coffee Shop

I'm sitting here at the local free-wifi coffee shop, office De Jour, and have happened in at a time when the local business association is having a meeting of some sort. Looks to be about 35 people, from chiropractors to Mary Kay consultants to cleaning services to insurance people.

Doc Eaton sounds really smart--Reminder to self: check out their wellness classes.

Next is a guy who makes signs and banners. He's looking to hook up with builders. Insurance for the self-employed from the guy who tore his rotator cuff and can't do chiropractic right now.

Mike O'Dette's here, he's with a business coach--which is a fancy way of saying "I sell me." If you're looking to move to the next level with creativity, ingenuity, and the standard process of getting to the nitty gritty of your business, see me.

Ooo here's an Allstate insurance rep talking about how to retain employees through benefits. HAHAHA  HAAA! (Glazed looks).

Doc Johnson (any relation to Doc Searls?) is here representin' home remodeling. W00t!

Holy crap--another chiropractor. There are like 7 alternative healthcare folks in a crowd of 30. This guy says MDs don't need to be here. We do. We take time to appreciate people. Said thanks to Doc Eaton for fixing his shoulder over the weekend. I guess a chiropractor can't adjust his own injured shoulder--has to rely on friends. Wow, bloggers should get along this well.

The next guy is a little bit freaky. He's talking about customer service and he just said:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I don't sell anything
Here's what I do...

He's got something to do with computers. I can't quite figure out what. Something about Voice + Face. He's going to Dallas next week to install a voice, data, Internet, long distance service. Whoa.

College Funding Solutions--works with parents of pre-college kids to do late-stage planning of how the hell to afford to send kids to college.

I liked the Mary Kay consultant wrapped up her pitch: How old you are is your business; how old you look is mine.  Damn. I ought to hang out here more often.

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Jeff R said...

read over the past week or so - you will get a chuckle

Maria Palma said...

Thanks for taking me to this meeting. :) Sometimes you need a little change from the ordinary and this post definitely did just that.. I was inspired to write something about the "freaky" guy and mentioned your entry on my customer service blog.

~Maria Palma
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