May 24, 2006

Bloglines Neglect

Ever neglect to open your aggrevator for, like, several days? Ever figure you might as well delete everything and start over because it's the world live web and you were absent that day?

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fpaynter said...

That's why I don't use one. Clicking around I stay caught up, but I don't always get to be in the conversation...

What did you name the puppy?

fpaynter said...

Nevermind... I just scrolled down to the next post. Boy, an aggregator would have saved me the embarrassment of asking what's been answered so nearby.

Anonymous said...

I'm learning a lot about the addictive nature of aggregators... I imported a techies blogroll in to an aggregator and discovered a dozen great technical/programming blogs.

The I figured if 100 feeds was fun what would 500 be like so I found a huge OPML blogroll and imported it onto the feed list I was enjoying... we'll the new additions bruied all the good stuff under pages of stuff I didn't care about. It was then that I learned that the aggregator I'm using has point and click (per feed) delete capability. Ouch. I may just re-boot and start again (adding them 1 by 1).

Anyway, aggregation tools can be a rat hole if you get additicted to trying to track too much. It's all scan and little connection.

Re: blogs. I have re-booted my blog 5 times. It doesn't help build an audience but it does allow you to
re-create your audience. I eliminated some work related readers by re-booting into a new site.

Re: my attendence record. I have been taking the weekends off... now I need to spend less week day time chasing down "what's happening".

Psychologists will ne studing us intently... there are many new disorders being created in this new linked in (sur)reality.

fpaynter said...

Ain't nuthin' new under the sun, and I think that those of us who were hooked into the major chattage on the UUCP/USENET in the early 80's merely migrated onto the web and ultimately now, more than a decade after that migration find ourselves in a blogworld where the USENET habits are satisfied in the comment threads of famous bloggers like Jeneane.

Anonymous said...

I neglect it all the time. You see, I tend to click about a lot until I'm done, and that's when I remember the aggregator...


Anonymous said...

Jeneane, you and my dentist know exactly
how to strike a nerve effortlessly.

I run hot an dcold with Bloglines,
my aggregator drug of choice.

After a period of tending to it dilgently,
it now is mainly a giant heap of pointers to blogs
I'd like to read.

Now and then I go into Bloglines abd rappell
down the cliff of hundreds of unread blogs
and thousands of unread entries.

The variou smeme trackers now chew up some of my time
and I'm living with a civilized bookmark list.