May 22, 2006

Business Transformation and the Psyche of the "Wounded Creative"

It occurred to me today after spending some time in the company of a rapid-cycling highly-creative, bi-polar friend, that the current tech-meets-web2.0 business environment is becoming increasingly suited to the workstyle and general condition of the manic depressive.

It's PTSD meets work on hyperdrive. It's bursts of high-gear mania interspersed with periods of lying low and dropping out, agonizing loneliness, depression and isolation, followed by a reemergence and productive flurry of seemingly incongruous ramblings, which, online, translate into gems of innovation -- technology, products, features, business models, all of what we're doing here.

Survival of the fittest today? It's survival of the survivor. The walking wounded by nature of their trauma are gifted in adaptation; that very ability is key to their having survived at all.

I believe the sheer mass of traumatic memory online, converging across millions of individuals working creatively, is healing us.

At the same time, it is changing the nature of business to support us during that healing.

Or so says me.

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Anonymous said...


I'm encouraged by your post: maybe all this on-line frenzy is part of the curing process and NOT just a symptom of my disorder.

Self-medicating through shared experience and community... I like it.
How can anyone feel truly alone in a hyper-connected world?


Anonymous said...

interesting post ... it's not just manic/depressives, but also us schizophrenics who have gleamed onto this new media :) ... us connect the dots kinds of people ... who like to splatter their gestalts in public and then sit back and watch the vulture destroy or ignore them. that this new media is addictive by nature is now a cleshay but it should not be forgotten ... and it should not be feared for that reason. i mean life is addiction ... now it takes visa.

Anonymous said...

hear hear!

Anonymous said...

Here I am... one day later seriously thinking about dropping out of the blog world for a spell.

I just want to see what less input feels like in an effort to feel more... connect to those I should be more connected to... rather than wishing they would do something other than expect me to be listening... so I can get back to scanning the blog-o-sphere for new insights.

If life is a buffet... we can still elect to just have a bit bit of salad.

More more, eat less. Think more, read less?

Just talkin' out loud again.

It's time to choose an identity.

Jeneane Sessum said...


Jon Husband said...

In my stilted pedantic mond, I think of what you have eloquently described as "learning to un-learn" ( as in unlearning so much of what made us function like zombies) ... I've always maintained that having a steady job for a lot of people gets them off the hook for tasking responsibility for their lives, if you know what I mean.

What you're describing is some of us coming to terms with the sesimic shift towards a less institutional, less hierarchic environment where some basic rules apply (no revenue means no business, no assholes means I only work with real, interesting and honest people rather than sucking up to psycopaths 'cuz of fear of no job, etc.)