May 24, 2006

It's easy to forget how dumb puppies are, or smart.

Little Sophie (yes, that's what she's called, despite the fact--or so i hear that the new Da Vinci Code movie boasts a Sophie in the lead role).

Trust me. She's no movie star.

She's doing pretty well except for our fence woes. We'll have to get a new fence in the back yard when we can afford to. It's one thing to have Bando (our six-year-old mutt) busting through the pickets and thickets as fast as George can foil him, and then CLIMB over when he can't get out the old fashioned way, but NOW he's teaching her to escape.

So much for keeping them down on the farm once they've seen Gay Paris!

Three neighbors in the last week have told me that Bando comes over and visits them in the morning. Two of the three give him breakfast. I wondered how he was gaining so much weight with all the escaping and running he does. Apparently he's running to the next nearest breakfast.

Tonight when I got home from the store, there was Bando in the drive way with little miss Sophie following along, fresh out from an escape run.

Great. Shenanigans. I don't need em.

Did I mention she's cute though?

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