June 14, 2006

bla AHAHHHHAAAA! Ohhhaaahaha... ohhhh...haa. whsew.... okay.. ok

so this whole user-generated content thing, right? okay, you with me? you have companies all salivating to get content for free which is why so many are gushing about user-generated content (UGC), consumer-generated media (CGM), and other terms they lovingly use to refer to the Shit We Make (SWM). what it means to these companies is that they get us to do stuff for free that they can use. wow--it's a lose-win!

but thankfully, we'll know how to actually put to USE user-generated content better, because its that me2you thing, m2y (m2y.us), in other words, my blog is user (jeneane) generated content that uses user (you, youtubers, myspacians, etc.) generated content, and so the third level is going to be down the hierarchy, not up. heee heeeeee.

so see the joke is that we're the users that are using user-generated content and generating it as well. so really the market makers--the ones who enable us to do that faster/better/wider will win. Not the content suckers. And of course us. We'll win too.

anyway, i was just chortling to myself over the meta-ness of it all.

back to brookers now.

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