June 13, 2006

pass the word

...someone let my daughter's hair lady know that steve urkel didn't kill himself. i sort of suspected urban legend when she told me -- in front of jenna -- that urkel suicided last week. yah, okay.
The latest false celebrity death rumor going around concerns Jaleel White (best known for playing Urkel on Family Matters). Supposedly he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This rumor is old. It was first posted on my site over half a year ago (in the comments to my post titled 'Is this Jaleel White?'). It's no truer now than it was then.

why would this hoax reup for another round? my guess is that folks restart old rumors to grab google juice.

Kind of like I'm doing now.

In fact, I may start false death rumors about celebrity bloggers. And then point to their blogs and wikipedia to prove that they are still alive.

Jaleel White is alive and well. SEO is dead.

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