June 11, 2006

Dave Winer: "I've Been All Aound This Deal"

Knowing this, somehow, I feel creeped out for scoble.

I've been hanging with Scoble all day, had dinner with him and John Furrier last night (also Jason Calacanis, Leo Laporte, Steve Gillmor, Janice Fraser, Maryam Scoble and Amber Dawn MacArthur). I've been all around this deal, so close to it, it's hard to comment.

Scoble is my friend, has been for many years. We've had ups and downs, lately it's been up after being really down. I didn't like how Microsoft was changing our relationship, and I told him so, really clearly. You can only be at such a large company for so long before it changes you.

Scoble really is a big generous guy, but not when he's in such a large stifling organization. When he finally decided to leave, it's as if a huge weight came off him, and all of a sudden, the old Scoble is back. I'm sure that losing his mother had something to do with the changes as well. One big change begets others.

I'm glad that Scoble and Maryam will be moving back to the Bay Area, I've been encouraging them to try the East Bay. I'd like to see Furrier open a studio in downtown San Francisco, I have some ideas about that, and may open one myself, or use theirs.


Anonymous said...


You can make a list of people that have been able to remain Dave Winer's friend for more than a year and it tells you a lot about that person.

They are:

nice to everyone
extremely forgiving
they see a benefit in having Dave on their side

Scoble fits this criteria. It amazes me that most people don't have anything bad to say about Scoble unless they are clearly identified as anti-Winer (Mark Pilgrim as a prime example) and then they just can't tolerate his loyalty to such an extreme.

I've never met either of these guys and they way I shoot my mouth off with comments like this... I never should.

I might actually like Scoble in the same way I like people who are always positive... like large dogs with good attitudes: man's best friend

The only thing that I find frustrating is the enabling Scoble does for Winer when he is attacked as a function of friendship... A good friend can empathize with someone with anger management problems and talk them gently down from the ledge... maybe Scoble does some of this any simply doesn't blog about those conversations. It appears he just takes the lead from dave and adopts his opinions as his own.

Anyway, it appears Robert is changing jobs to move closer to his son and that's evidence of the effort to be a better father. I'd applaud that in itself... we can all be a better parents and children produceed before a divorce deserve to be accomdated as best the parent can. Robert picked the bay area and then looked for job options... including staying with Microsoft and moving.

PS> memer re-surfaced this week at my blog. He was upset with me and I didn't have a clue. I can be pretty clueless at times.

Anonymous said...

Oops... memer = "Charles Follymacher" now.