June 03, 2006

I am so glad I get to keep my house!

I was thinking of a REALLY BIG prize for the first person to accept my challenge re: SYO, SYOPML, OPIEML, OATMEAL.

Alas, no one won the prize because THERE AREN'T ANY. There will be though. And he will choose them. And you will let him.

Or maybe  is why (from McD in comments):

FYI: When you download the OPML Editor and install Dave's newRiver aggregator you get Arrington's, Scoble's and Dave's blogs as defaults... when you export the OPML and upload it to "Share Your OPML" they each get another reader in their stats.

Same as it ever was... gaming the stats. Arrington reviewed the site twice... he loves the site in the second review and thinks it could really help the "long tail". FYI: He's not Dave' best buddy... He's the lawyer that brokered the $2.15M deal to sell Dave's struggling weblogs.com "blog ping service" to Verisign. The site that fell over the last time Dave asked for the possee to support him.

Oh yah, I vaguely remember that. That's when another of Dave's one-time-friend took the fall for him. Same guy says he wouldn't do that again. Like, ever.

But Dave's so nice!

Next Week's Killer App: Share Your Privilege (SYP).

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Here's a little scoop for you to ponder.

There's a B-List blogger that has "outsourced" his blog to a guy in India for one week. Now that should be news in the blog-o-sphere... It opens a lot of questions and the comments on the blog regarding outsourcing are a great read: a mix of culture clash, macroeconomics and race issues.

So, I used Technorati to see if anyone was paying any attention to the experiment:

techmeme maybe? No.

TECHcrunch maybe? No.

There's only one site I could find that mentioned the experiment and it's a sister site to the blog running the experiment.

Apparently, there are actually dead spots in the echo chamber. It's possible to get on a list that makes you irrelevant, I guess.

And who is this clever, inventive but now invisible blogger?

PS> Get someone to tell Dave that Halley will be at BlogHer and he won't show.

Better yet... put Halley on the stage early in the conference and he'll have a stroke.

Dave invented the un-conference so he could take the microphone at any moment. He can't sit still without talking for more than 10 minutes. BlogHer will make him remember what's wrong with women... they won't listen.

The OPML 100 doesn't have any women because women don't listen to Dave. Capice? They need to follow a few simple instructions regarding:

1. use an aggregator.
2. create a list of sites you aggregate.
3. export that list in OPML format.
4. create an account at SYO.
5. upload that OPML file to that site.

See... it's simple. Now. Why are only uber-geeks able to see the benefit?