June 13, 2006


this is the kind of search that isn't search but find, the kind of search that will reveal itself more and more in the coming months as it matures, as the uncloaking of desire, the uncovering of meaning through "search that doesn't make you search" becomes more important.

exploration should be colorful. discovery has layers.

As a way to look for things that are like other things, discovery and uncovery will become the search standard, not the odd blip -- and we should all wonder what google has in store; dear friends that spreadsheet app was a purposeful distraction: something big is brewing at Web Headquarters. slight of hand. strike up the band. count on it.

But the more nimble startups don't have to wait for it to be perfect. sometimes they can't handle everyone who comes looking, sometimes they can't handle anyone, but we will keep coming, hoping to find that which we think might be x but might also be y, what it sounds like 3 and makes us feel like Orange.

they'll get there.

this is the web. i want to explore in the round, not in trajectories.

pointer: theory is the reason


We will be back soon...

Hello, We are sorry to have to stop temporarily the radio.
The number of visitors has reached such a level that given the way we currently operate the broadcast the cost has become too high.
Thanks to all who encouraged us, made comments on the service and recommended it around them.
We plan to rapidly provide the service again on a more sustainable basis.

For those who would like to get an alert when the service is back, just click postmaster@liveplasma.com


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