June 14, 2006

Social Director + Product Manager of the Internet

During the agency days in Internet boom 1.0, mainstream reporters and editors leaped around from job to job so fast your key media email addresses (and fax numbers back then) were out of date before you could think up a pitch. So, we would subscribe to whateverthehell service it was that sent us regular emails, the sole purpose of which was to update who just left where to go where.

This was like fix-a-flat for MediaMap (now bacon's media source), because they couldn't get database updates done fast enough to keep up with the job change mania. So these in-between emails were essential for making sure a story idea didn't fall through the cracks.

all of this is to say, with the pace of the social mediasphere now surpassing that of MSM 1.0, there's a little microservice money to be made in a daily (or weekly, with breaking news on scoble or Om type moves) email and RSS service whose sole job would be to track who's going where (and how to contact them). Nice added feature: provide updated links to their blogs, and update RSS feeds and email addresses at the person's new gig if and when available, and RSS links to other stories/blogs covering the move.

let me know when it's up and running. I'll pledge my $25 a year subscription today. thanks!

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