October 02, 2006

First Comes the Conference, Next Comes the Camp, Then We're RICH!

Alright, so that's not the point at all.

And that not being the point, as they might say, is the point.

I love that the first person to happily co-opt the PhoneCon idea for her own purposes is Ronni Bennett, who I had the pleasure of guffawing with during PhoneCon 2006. Ronni immediately saw the potential of the telephone-as-backchannel-to-blogging as a way to add another layer to our online relationships as we make fun of ourselves, technology, and our world in the process.

Introducing, then, The First Annual Elderblogger-PhoneCon ‘06, invented and run by Ronni Bennett to be held later this month:

…to take place on Tuesday, 24 October. That's four weeks from today.

Now don’t get put off by those six hours I referred to. Only Jeneane, as host and referee of PhoneCom, stayed on the telephone for the duration - although she did get all her laundry folded too. The rest of us called in and dropped off as our schedules permitted throughout the conference. I stopped in for an hour or so twice.

The conference is free. The only cost is a long-distance telephone call, but any of you who are on Skype or VoIP will pay nothing extra, of course. There will be local numbers for ten European countries so non-U.S. elderbloggers can join in too.

So mark your calendars for Tuesday, 24 October, get out your party hats and stay tuned for weekly updates. I’ll be posting telephone numbers, instructions on how to call in and announcements of special features as they occur to me.

How cool is THAT? And how elder does one have to be to attend, or at least lurk, because I'm jonesing for a good talk and have some laundry that needs folding. Elaine, be there or be square. And is Frank singing?

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