October 01, 2006

Be Well, Will, of Be the Boy

Be. Be okay.


Dear everyone who has to leave blogging for a while because running into yourself online is just too much given whatever it is you're going through:

We understand. Please don't worry about us while you're gone. That you left us your debit card was REALLY REALLY cool. You shouldn't have, but on the other hand, you'll probably be too busy on your break to spend money, and after all, this way you can take your break knowing that we'll have enough to eat, some good porn to watch, and for once we'll be able to buy what's in our treasure box on amazon.com.

While you take a break, please also know that there is a cat with worms resting on my pillow.

The other thing is, although we will water the plants at your request, we cannot guarantee you that we won't smoke them all while you are away. You may call it old fashioned ingenuity, or you may call it boredom without your blog to read, or you may call it desperation, or you may call it vandalism, addiction, or even plant murder. But the fact is, you're not posting right now, so what you call it doesn't matter to us. No linky, no mattery.

Also, know that we are thinking about you while you are on your blogging break--for like two seconds. And we will think about you again when your feed gets bolded in bloglines because you've returned to blogging. So there you have it: We will think about you twice while you are away. That should be enough to sustain you. Hell, it's more than your great aunt Myrtle has thought about you in 22 years.

SO shut down your browser, take your break, and take heart in knowing that the net isn't going anywhere without you.

Fact is, it wasn't so much going anywhere with you.

Although it's much more fun sitting here in front of these plastic keys knowing that you're there.


Your Fellow Bloggers.

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