October 01, 2006

I thought I saw a puddy cat

In the tradition of Web 2.0 updates, surprise feature introductions rolled across the webby web today, especially in the land of  feed readers. I knew it! When I opened Bloglines today I almost posted that something smelled different. I thought the font had changed on the list of feeds--or "feed tree" as they call it--and then I noticed this little black box at the bottom announcing some kind of intermittent updating of feeds. AH HA! I said. Enhancements!

This is all well and good--still, I come from the old school where we find it unnerving to wake up and find the furniture with new upholstery and an electric toothbrush where the Oral B used to be. I like to check into the Springfield Inn during renovations. Or the Betty Ford.

I'm not sure what else Bloglines did. But the font is definitely clean and more webby.

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