October 29, 2006

Okay, If It Ain't Fixed, Break It.

So I'm not sure what was happening with blogads and my Blogger blog--could be meat, cake, or anything in between, but that Glenn Beck anti-porn ad I had up the last couple of weeks was only SUPPOSED to be there one week, and no matter what I tried in my blogads account, it would NOT go away.

A glitch in the system? A neocon conspiracy? You tell ME. I'm just pissed the conservative wanker got an extra week's ad play out of me. I finally took the code out of the template--figure I'll let it rest for a few days.

You may have wondered, was it worth taking the $50 Jeneane? I'm undecided. But $50 more toward the INCREASED HEALTH INSURANCE premium is nothing to (excuse the pun) sneeze at.

Of course, you should have all known, it was in preparation for for this moment...

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