October 31, 2006

movement, meaning, coming, going.

I didn't know my blog brother Mike Golby was going through such exciting and harrowing transitions--a son married, a daughter turning 21, and more.

Minor life movements, not.

It was five years ago we met friend, here in this place they think they know (see below), when your daughter was but 16, and jenna only 4. You remember those days, I know, and the gnawing off of our legs together, our little blog collective, so many of us getting out of where we were, or in deeper, and now, together, we're growing up, are we?, to somewhere we weren't then anyway, whether we like it or not.

Readying these children, sending them into a world we're still trying to figure, get right, get wrong, get our sea legs, something, anything. Anything beautiful we can show them. There is, right?

I see you looking, concrete and waves, whatever surface will hold.

I don't know man, but I know seeing the pictures made me cry.

Congratulations, and Peace.